Joys of Gardening With Grandchildren

Their oldest daughter Anushka loves to garden. She is now six years old. Every time the family comes to visit Anushka and I have fun gardening. While they were here we planted some vegetables and seeds together, picked tomatoes and strawberries, and pulled out vegetables that were spent. Anushka was able to experience the cycle […]

Growing and Maintaining a Garden Hedge

January of 2007 we had an unusually severe winter in San Diego County. Peter and I traveled to Spain for the birth of our first grandchild. When we arrived home from Spain in February several trees and shrubs had died on our property, or so we thought. Since I had been to Ireland with my […]

Summer Visitors

This evening my older daughter and her family will arrive from Spain for a visit.  I am so excited to see the whole family!  The grandchildren’s room is ready and I look forward to the patter of little feet running up to their room to see what outfits Mimi has on the wall for them. The […]

Healing Garden

I just saw a beautiful garden photo on Facebook and it reminded me of friends of my daughter in Spain who have the most Beautiful Garden! The husband used to be a brick mason and now he is in the Healing Arts. He practices Craniosacral therapy and also massage techniques to help with physical and emotional […]


BIRTHRIGHT (38 x 38 Oil on Canvas)

Painting as well as other disciplines needs enlightenment and inspiration for the artist to make the opportunity to paint an inspired piece of art. It is paramount for an artist to view paintings in museums. Many artists, some who paint abstract and some who are traditionalists inspire me which can be seen through my art. […]


Viva España! I just arrived home from Spain after visiting one of my daughters and her family. My son-in-law is Spanish Basque. They live in a delightful little country town about fifteen minutes outside of Pamplona in the Province of Navarre. I “Skype” from California to my family in Spain often, and I have seen […]