My Standard Poodles – Byron and Amie

Mimi please would you tell me a stow-wee about Byron and Amie.

Amie and Byron

 Anushka asks in her adorable little Spanish Basque accent. I was visiting with her on SKYPE. Anushka lives in Spain and I am in San Diego. How fortunate we are in this day and age to have ways to easily communicate with family and friends who may live on the other side of the world!

 Ok Anushka, you know, sometimes I feel like the dogs are almost human! When I talk to Byron he responds knowing what I say. Amie does too but she is an old girl, now 14 and a half. That’s like over 100 years old in human years!

 Byron, just a year and a half, is extremely active! He is past the “puppy stage” so he is respectful of the fact that Amie can’t do everything she use to do. But sometimes when the weather is cool Amie feels frisky and plays with Byron, even at times egging him on!

This morning, as on many mornings, Anushka, Byron wakes me up with his cold wet muzzle against my toe if it is out of the covers, or my face if he can reach.

 Byron is a large Standard Poodle. He stands on his back legs pressed up against the side of the bed as if to say “Mom, please let me out,” or “Mom come play with me and then let me out.”

 “Ok Byron where’s your toy? Go bring me your toy.” Byron bounds down and across the room as I sleepily lie there thinking “I don’t want to wake up yet. Give me a few minutes, Byron to come to this world out of dreamland.” But like a small child (dogs can have the intelligence of a three to four year old), Byron does not listen to my sense of reason. Before I know it he is back up against the side of the bed with a toy or a ball in his mouth.

 Ok, Byron go play with Amie. Byron jumped down and sailed over to her bed. Amie laying on her back with her legs in a relaxed position did not want to move. By this time I am fully awake and sit up in bed to observe what happens next. Byron moans and makes other little whining noises as he pushes a plush toy against her face. When this works to no avail Byron runs back to me with the toy. I then throw it back to Amie and ask Byron to try again to rouse her. Byron then goes back to Amie and starts gently biting her cheeks and neck and then he pushes her back with his head. Finally Amie starts interacting with Byron. Byron then grabs the toy and pushes it into her mouth. Amie then holds it in her mouth. After about 10 minutes Amie with her old achy body is finally up and moving around the room with the toy in her mouth the other end in Byron’s and they play tug of war for some time.

 All of a sudden they are both barking; they have spied a rabbit running very fast across the garden. I then spring up to let them out “have fun kids!”

 Now time for me to do my 100 crunches and go out into the studio to paint. I don’t need an alarm clock. Anushka, Byron is my alarm clock!

 Anushka bursts into giggles.

OK Mimi. Please tell me another stow-wee about Byron and Amie.

 Bye for Now,






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