As 2012 Draws To A Close 12 12 12

As this new year fast approaches I am ripe for something exciting and new to happen in my life, in large part because in my view I am straddling islands. I thought I had a vision of where I wanted to go in my life’s journey. But it just keeps twisting and turning, nothing concrete and stable for me to hold on to except knowing that there really is a God who is in charge of my life’s experience.

I pray and or meditate, whatever one calls that alone time we take with our maker. In my life every day is new and different. But with no knowing where I am going except to stay constant with the insecurity that I don’t know my future and sometimes feel like a boat without a rudder. I’m afraid that I am going to run aground at any minute; and my fairytale life that I’ve invented will be ended, and I will be stranded again, between the islands of thought, time and space.

I want more. I know I want more. I feel as if I am at the cliff’s edge, or in the space where the sea of my mind is lapping at the door of discovery. When will the two merge into one? Will I ever know where I am going or is this what life is? An ever present awareness that life, as a moving plasma of energy fields, sometimes drops a wisp of something beautiful into my midst where I may bathe in calm knowing that all is and will be well.

Live in the present through the garden. Live in the present through the painting. Live in the present and the past and the future through writing. After all, isn’t that the gift of being an artist? Isn’t that the gift that art gives us? You, me, and all of the world?

In art, as in life, it is the sharing. What we share and how we share with the world is the culmination of all our time in private quiet contemplation. No matter how reverent or irreverent we are, we are all each in our own boat moving through this sea of energy and emotions. Trying to get it right! What is right anyway? What is right from wrong? Sometimes the wrong way turns out to be the right way and sometimes the right way turns out to be the wrong way. For me, it is the moving fluid sea of eternity that keeps me excited, extends me as a human and propels me forward into the abyss; the abyss of time and space.

Bye for Now,






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