GALAXY                                                                                          © 2012 60 x 48 acrylic on canvas

Many things motivate me to paint. I paint because it brings me joy to create attractive works of art. Painting is fun and keeps me balanced. It is a way for me to self-sooth. Many people exercise to center themselves. Painting does that for me.

Painting is a space where I can work out emotional situations and at the same time create something beautiful. I’ve heard it described as “releasing the unconscious by means of spontaneous art expression.” (Dr. Margaret Naumberg.)

Do you remember finger painting in kindergarten? Remember the roll of butcher paper the teacher would bring out and tear off a big piece? Then she would come around and put a dollop of liquid starch on the paper. The colors would be put out and how delicious the feeling to start sliding ones fingers through the paint and starch, mixing colors. I remember making lots of green with yellow and blue. Remember how the colors would end up muddy brown and gray when you would add orange or red? For me it would be so frustrating! But I eventually learned to mix the colors and was inspired in doing so.

Every day when I go out into my studio it takes me back to that magical place and time when I was finger painting in kindergarten.

Here’s to being motivated!

Bye for now,


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