The White Picket Fence

A couple of weeks ago I was in Northern California visiting my daughter Erica and her children. While Erica was busy working I took her girls for a walk in the double stroller.

The temperature of the air was in the mid to high 80s. I rushed from shady side to alternating shady side of the street in this delightful sleepy town of mainly cottages. As I walked at quite a rapid clip to transport my, by now, sleeping grandchildren to the next shady spot, I came upon a white picket fence edging the garden and property of a home.

white fence

A huge smile swept across my face. I stood there in the shade for some minutes transported to another time and place. Who does not love the sight of a white picket fence? I venture that it conjures up all kinds of wonderful feelings and emotions for many people.

It is about as American as Corn on the Cob, Watermelon, Apple Pie and Fourth of July! One can see an American Flag blowing in the wind in ones imagination if there is not one there already! Ice Tea and Ice Cold Lemonade come to mind too …or maybe even a Mint Julep!

white horse picket fence

As I stood there in the shade, a warm glow swept over my body and into my soul! I smiled broadly and thought of fields in upstate New York, Virginia, or Mississippi with horses frolicking gaily through extremely green pastures! White Picket Fences in friends’ gardens lined with Zinnias, housing Marigolds and Delicious Edibles, or White Picket Fences with aromatic Sweetpeas and Roses inside.

I thought of my cousin Fran and her husband Dr. Ron’s Gentleman Farm home in upstate Connecticut, a White Colonial house, two story with a huge children’s bedroom that had paned windows where my sister and I got to sleep. I pretended that it was our real room and house. I was in the moment and never wanted to leave! I also pretended that I was all grown up and that it was my home. Looking out the windows I could see fields lined with white picket fences.

I was pulled back to reality as a bicyclist passed by. Saying goodbye to my delicious musings and memories I continued on the walk with two darling, peacefully sleeping granddaughters.

Happy White Picket Fence Musings!


Bye for Now!




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