Ok, I have just spent forty minutes on Google trying to figure out what animal is unscrewing a large container of dog food in the middle of the night, pushing it over and eating the very expensive dog food that I buy from my vet.

My initial thought has been raccoons. They have hands and feet like humans.

But I did not find any answers on unscrewing a container.

What are your thoughts? I do have a story to share.

 Years ago, on a hot summer night a friend of mine was awakened by the sounds of her neighbors frolicking in the pool. At the time when she looked out her bedroom window she could see into their pool area. Not wanting to be a peeping Tomasita or nosy parker and disturb her friends and neighbors in their private time she just lay there trying to go back to sleep. But it was very noisy indeed so she ended up awake for the longest time hearing them in the pool then getting out and jumping or diving back into the pool! They were being very active! After an exceedingly long time of this activity and not being able to sleep a wink she decided to take a quick peek.

 Lo and behold it was not her neighbors at all but a family of large raccoons!

 Six of them were frolicking in the pool then climbing out and walking down the diving board and jumping back into the pool with tremendous glee and delight!

My friend could not stop laughing! I don’t know if it went on all night or not but she had quite a story to tell her neighbors who were, as it turned out, out of town.

Maybe they are so intelligent that they watched the people swimming and decided one night to frolic in the pool themselves?


“Rocky Raccoon” by The Beatles:

Although raccoons may look cute, harmless and like innocent little “Bandits”, they can be dangerous and vicious. I met a man one time in another state that thought it “cute” to feed raccoons. I remember seeing a dozen or more raccoons eating dog food outside of his house at night. They were hissing and climbing on each other’s backs to get to the dog food. The people had a special light to watch the raccoons from the safety of their living room. Check out this health care article from the Washington University to learn more about how raccoons are dangerous animals.

So what do you all think? Are raccoons getting into the dog food?

Bye for Now

Rippin’ Lips


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