Cleaning Out the Old, Making Way for the New!

From the Christopher Collins Collection


Black Hole – See Image on my website

Those of you that have read all my blog posts know that I had my knee replaced on May 4th of 2011.

Now thanks to a change in the weather as we segue into fall, among other things, I am only one pound away from my goal. I am sure I will meet the final goal tomorrow.

So guess what I did all day? Want to know!? OK, I will tell you, I have spent the day trying on all the clothes in my closet. Turns out it is a really good day for me to do this cleaning both physically and spiritually. Much was accomplished!

Practically NONE of my clothes fit!!! The only ones that do fit are some new ones that my girlfriend bought for me when she came to visit this summer and REALLY OLD — don’t tell…..vintage 80s!!!!! clothes that are way out of style. Or maybe not? Help! I need to pick up a Vogue and see what is IN!!!

I have taken most of the clothes and put them in another closet for giveaway or to sell to a resale shop. The few still hanging are ones that I want to have tailored because they mean so much to me sentimentally. Most of these are Christopher Collins Collection (, my daughter Erica Tanamachi’s couture business. Christopher and Erica were childhood friends who started Christopher Collins Collection in 2008. Christopher was in the top six contestants in 2010 Project Runway. Check these beautiful clothes out online.

Christopher Collins Collection

It is a law of life that when we are afraid to let go we are not making room for the new and improved whatever… As I tried clothes on today different memories came to me, good and bad, and I thought WOW it is good feng shui to let clothes go!!!!!

I am now going down to a store in Del Mar that takes designer resale. Tomorrow I am going shopping! Pretty Woman, here I come!

Ok what does this have to do with art? Nothing! But I do the same thing when I paint over paintings I don’t like.

Happy Fall Cleaning!

Bye for Now



Christopher Collins Collection

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