Being Inspired!

Three Roses, Marilyn Monroe painted by the author FF

Many times I am asked where my inspirations come from for a particular painting. Sometimes I deliberate and a painting may take me weeks or months to finish. Other times the inspiration is almost instantaneous and the painting is complete in an hour’s time.

The painting that I am discussing here is the latter. Three Roses, Marilyn Monroe took me only an hour to paint. It is one of those paintings that I felt came through me, but not of me.

I had recently read an article about Marilyn Monroe. I wanted to depict Marilyn’s Great Intelligence, not just the Sex Symbol. I purposely did not paint her bosom. At the time of the painting I was working with a woman who, through creative writing, assists individuals to find his or her creative center. I had an appointment with Lois, an hour hence of painting the painting. I had written in an earlier session that I found Marilyn Monroe inspirational. I love painting beauty and she was beautiful. I started rapidly painting in oil listening to a voice inside my head that advised me even down to what colors to mix in a particular area. I wanted to put red up to the left of her neck but a voice inside my head said to me

Look Fran you asked for our help; we’re telling you to mix an olive green for that spot. Are you going to listen to us?

I know this sounds kooky, but I think we all get divine inspiration, call it what you want, but inspiration can come to each of us in different ways.  When I was younger I didn’t think I had an inner voice. Even if I had I certainly wouldn’t have listened to it. As I’ve grown older I’ve noticed that if I do listen it saves me a lot of grief in all parts of my life and the more I listen to the still small voice, the more the voice seems to come.

Frank Lloyd Wright created the drawings for Falling Waters in a very short span of time. The clients were in route to his studio. Lloyd Wright had been procrastinating the project because to create a home around a natural waterfall, the logistics of which seemed near impossible, and yet in that exhilarated time-rush of two hours a masterpiece was born on paper!

Three Roses, Marilyn Monroe just won People’s Choice in The La Jolla Art Association Gallery last week ( La Jolla Art Association ).


I’m thankful for inspiration, divine or not, when it pops on my doorstep or into my ear.


Bye for now,




Three Roses, Marilyn Monroe painted by the author FF

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