Thoughts on Nature and Life’s Simple Joyous Moments

Photograph by Author/Artist

Easter was an idyllic day with family. All who could come celebrated life, love and just being together in my mother’s spectacular garden.

Photography by Author/Artist Pat Welsh’s Garden

There is a spot in Encinitas where one can see a breathtaking ocean view out to the horizon from one or two miles inland. Yesterday as I drove Leucadia Boulevard I glimpsed one lone sailboat out on a vibrantly blue ocean, so tiny but the sail brilliant white against that vast sea of deep blue. A huge thrill and an Awe moment! Amazing, when one thinks of the whole picture of life, the people on the boat were obviously feeling one with nature and I was feeling one with their oneness and awe of the tremendous beauty that one sailboat was adding to the ocean visually! I smile now as I think of the experience!

I have always wished I could ski. I can only image the feeling of oneness with nature one feels in any of these sports; skiing, snowboarding, surfing, riding bicycles etc. A friend was conveying to me the other day about what surfing does for him.

“Surfing refreshes my soul! I feel like I have walked into another world. I feel one with the ocean when I surf. The feeling starts out when I walk down the path to the beach. There is also a camaraderie in seeing people you have known for many years that you only see out in the ocean. Then there is the sportsman part of finding the perfect wave and riding it with mastery. And also the thrill of being in the wave!”

Photograph By Wendy Woolf Pat Welsh’s Garden

We all need nourishment for our bodies. We also need it for our hearts and our souls.

Easter in Del Mar this year was one of those idyllic times with loved ones. It made a special memory for all of us who experienced the wonder of the day!

My niece Rebecca Woolf painted in photographs a beautiful picture of the day on her blog post this week.  Easter Brunch in Nana’s Garden

Photograph By Wendy Woolf Pat Welsh’s Garden


Here’s to having Awe moments and Awe experiences every day!


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