Put The Mask on Yourself First Before Helping Others!

If the aircraft cabin loses pressure, the panel above your seat containing oxygen masks will open automatically.
While remaining seated with your seatbelt fastened,
quickly reach for the nearest mask and pull down firmly to start the flow of oxygen.

Pull the yellow cup over your nose and mouth, slip the elastic band over your head and tighten by pulling the straps on either side. Breathe normally. Even though oxygen is flowing, the plastic bag may not inflate.

American Airlines 

Put the mask on yourself before helping others!

Today is January First 2013

My mother has made New Years Resolutions all my life. My sister and I were encouraged to do the same from a young age. As an adult I have made them most years but rarely do I accomplish what I have resolved to do. Or sometimes I do in part but not totally.

Last night I reflected on some notable events in my life from this past year and then wrote down some thoughts that came to me for the year ahead.

Sadly my late husband Peter was very ill for several years before he passed away and during that period I was very neglectful of my own well-being.

Until recently, I did not understand the concept of taking care of myself first before taking care of others. The instructions we are given by the flight attendant, in charge, every time we fly in an airplane tells us to do just that!

Being a mother and grandmother my instincts would be to put the mask on the child next to me before putting it on myself. But we are directed to do the exact opposite.

I now finally understand what taking care of ourselves means! When I was growing up in the 50s and 60s children were often taught, especially girls, to take care of others before ourselves. In my family as well, as I think many families of the era, we fed the men first.

I think I had serving others and taking care of myself confused in my head.

Doing my sit-ups and working out for an hour each day are some ways in which I can take care of myself. I have heard people say

I would be a different person if I did not exercise every day.

One way of finding our own inner happiness is to take care of ourselves first.

The interesting part of this concept is that taking care of oneself first requires self-discipline. But once one gets the hang of doing so, life feels so good! Taking care of ourselves first nurtures our inner core of who we are individually and then we can give more love, stronger, wider and bigger, to our friends, family, acquaintances and the world!

One way that I have decided to take care of myself this year is to partake in one of my passions every day even if I have just a few minutes. My late husband did this. He ran every lunchtime at work and he played the guitar or piano every evening. Peter also loved to cook. Pete cooked almost every day.

A life of taking care of ourselves first looks different and helps us to cope with lifes pressures and struggles.

So, let’s all make this a New Year’s resolution! Put your mask on first!

Bye for now,



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