It’s Saturday night and I have a fire in the fireplace. It is supposed to rain cats and dogs tomorrow.

I love a fire in the fireplace on a cold day or evening–who doesn’t? Hearth and home are as humanly comforting as a good bowl of hot chicken soup when we are sick or macaroni and cheese or dark chocolate, piping hot chocolate, a good cup of Yorkshire tea or chamomile tea or Japanese rice. The list goes on and on for the individual. But all of us, I venture to say, love a fire. It is primal; it takes us back to our roots. We can’t live without it.

Kind of interesting–could make for long conversations around the fire or campfire. We can’t live without it but left unchecked fire will destroy us and our homes. I guess like people, fire needs to have boundaries.

But in the fireplace, there is nothing better than
smelling it, watching it, warming our bodies up
against it–as close as we dare go with out
burning our toes or tooshes.

 I had a great weekend curled up with a fabulous
book in front of the fire.

How many times have we heard that scenario?

 I had the best weekend at the cabin. It was cold
outside, we just relaxed in front of a crackling fire.

 Kinda like Bob Marley’s tune Three little Birds

 Don’t worry about a thing cause every little
thing gonna be alright. . . .

Comfort is what we feel from a Crackling
Campfire or fireplace in our home. I hear one
calling me in the next room, as soon as I finish this blog! 

I have two black standard poodles. I love to sit on the couch with one curled up in my lap and one to my right side, roaring crackling fire in front of us, cold rainy night outside.

Ah, a little bit of heaven!

 Bye for now

 Rippin’ Lips


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