GARDEN SURROUNDINGS: Cherry Plum Tree And Fig Tree

September 2023 I hope everyone had a fabulous summer. Last month while my Santa Rosa plum was producing succulent, sweet fruit in the front garden. Read Full Article:

GARDEN SURROUNDINGS: Fun Surprises in the Garden

July 2023 Here and there, I loved hearing frogs in the garden as I was writing this article. Read Full Article:


June 2023 A green wall is a smart way to have a lush yet eco-friendly garden by recirculating runoff water. Read Full Article:

GARDEN SURROUNDINGS: April Showers Bring May Flowers

May 2023 We live in a Mediterranean Climate. That means that we are fortunate to be able to grow plants and vegetables year-round that people in other areas of the country can’t without having greenhouses. Read Full Article:

GARDEN SURROUNDINGS: Wisteria Brings Joy Every Spring

April 2023 I write about wisteria every April because it is so magnificent and worthy of having a place in one’s garden or patio. Read Full Article:

GARDEN SURROUNDINGS: Creating Your Own Flower Arrangements

March 2023 A friend passed away recently, and I wanted to send a specific floral look for the gift, a basket with pastel colors and an orchid as the focal point. I had contacted the florist that I usually use but she was unavailable for health reasons. Another florist that I have used in the […]

GARDEN SURROUNDINGS: Spain – Basque And American Tradition

February 2023 The holidays this past year 2022, as well as ringing the New Year in, were spent with my family in Spain. My daughter Yvette and her two daughters live in a small village on the side of a mountain about half an hour outside of Pamplona. Read Full Article:

GARDEN SURROUNDINGS: Meyer Lemons For Your Home Garden

January 2023 January is the month when many of us make New Year’s resolutions. It is the month to throw off the old and welcome the new. Because we are welcoming in a new year it is also a fabulous time to think about changes that we want to make in our lives and also […]

GARDEN SURROUNDINGS: Are spider mites taking over the world?


November 2022 The other night as I was putting my dog out to do his business, I screamed because I ran right into an Orb-weaver spider web. It’s okay though because these are very large beneficial spiders in the garden. However, this morning I found plants in my garden suffocating from spider mites, a fast-growing […]