Butterflies, Dragonflies and Enjoying Our Surroundings

One of the author’s new paintings

Lately I have been noticing a profusion of butterflies and dragonflies in north San Diego County. One day there were so many that I actually counted them; twenty-five butterflies floating about in the garden! I had just returned from an invigorating swim in the ocean that left my body feeling tingly all over! Seeing the butterflies and dragonflies floating through the garden overwhelmed my senses and gave me the feeling that I was living in a real-life Alice in Wonderland dream world. It’s moments such as these that I am inspired to paint.

My sister Wendy has been calling almost every day.

Want to meet down at Swami’s for a swim?

I am so grateful to her for turning me on to this wonderful amazing playground in my own front yard! The expression the best things in life are free really fits the description!

I have a friend here in San Diego who is a surfer and a fisherman besides being an excellent cook. He always has a fishing pole in his truck in case the fishin is better than the surfin. One morning last July he paddled out from Pacific Beach three quarters of a mile and caught a thirteen-pound halibut off his surfboard!

My friend saw a pod of dolphins in Coronado Cays

I have another friend and she fishes with her boyfriend from their kayaks down in south San Diego Bay around the Coronado Cays. My friend has seen a pod of dolphins swimming around the bay.

Everywhere one lives there are amazing opportunities for outdoor life. We just need to be adventuresome! It’s funny that we feel we need to go on vacation to do the fun things and if we plan it right we can have such fulfilling life styles doing fun things right in our hometowns.

Kayaking the Coronado Cays

When Pete and I were first married we lived in an apartment attached to my grandmother’s house. Peter and his buddies were civil engineers and would go surfing at lunchtime every day. I have a friend whose practice is in Del Mar and he walks to work, keeps a surfboard at the office, and goes surfin every day at lunch year round!

I have other friends who have just one car. The husband rides his bicycle to the Coaster and takes it down with him to work in San Diego. On his lunch hour he walks for exercise and rides his bike back to the train station after work. What an enchanting life style. Besides being green this friend has the enjoyment of incorporating exercise and outdoor life into his daily lifestyle.

One of my daughters and her husband live in a small town on the way to Point Reyes.
My son-in-law’s passion is cycling. My daughter shares his love for cycling.
In my view where they live is like living in Europe. They both work in San Francisco but totally utilize the advantages and natural resources of their beautiful environment.
They have had at times ridden their bicycles to work over the Golden Gate Bridge! Every weekend they take amazing bicycle rides to Point Reyes or different spots in and around Mount Tamalpais.

I admire my son-in-law. He comes home from a hard day at work and goes for a mountain bike ride! Great exercise and what a way to enjoy nature with all 5 senses!

Here’s to enjoying the gifts around us and incorporating them into our daily lives!

Bye for Now,



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