Antics of Two Intelligent Dogs, Byron And Amie

Amie on the left with pink toenails and Byron on the right

Before going out in the evenings the dogs and I have a routine. I feed them dinner, put them out to go potty and then turn on the music for them to listen to while I am gone.

Bye Bye puppies, protect the house and be good — don’t get into mischief, I will be back!

 I buy stuffed toys for Byron and Amie to play with. One of Byron’s favorite games is to carry a black little puppy stuffed animal around the house and then take it to Amie, pushing the stuffed puppy towards her face and neck to entice her in a game of tug of war.

Anticipating the grandchildren’s arrival I bought four little stuffed black poodles. They are arranged in the grandchildren’s room. I have one on the edge of the crib, one on the French Day Bed and two on the window seat.

When I arrived home the other evening I noticed that Byron had his little black puppy stuffed animal in his mouth…OOOPS Wrong! It was one of the poodles from upstairs.

I realized that this was my fault so took the stuffed toy away,  found his and gave it to him. He was not interested. As I walked along I saw another one of his back in the hall. I proceeded to find three of the four scattered about the house. One at the end of the stairs and one in my downstairs bedroom. The stuffed toy that had been on the edge of the crib was in the crib. I then laughed to myself because I could just see in my head the fun these dogs were having while I was out! Running and tearing around the house! When I am home I will throw the stuffed toy (meant for the dogs) down the long hall that is wood and then marble. Byron gets going at such speeds that he slips and slides after his toys!

There is an expression while the cat’s away the mice will play!

While Mama is out the puppies play and play and play.

Now when I go out I shut the door to the grandchildren’s room and leave all their stuffed toys out for them to play with.


Bye for now,





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