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Garden Surroundings, Worm Castings For A Vibrant Healthy Landscape

November 2021 Several years ago, a landscape designer friend of mine in the Olivenhain Garden Club, Jan Casado, let our club know that her brother-in-law, a biology teacher at La Costa Canyon High School was making worm castings with his students and they were selling bags to raise money for their department. At the time, […]

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Garden Surroundings, Butterflies & Host Plants In The Garden

October 2021 I receive so much joy by planting flowers, plants and vines that attract different butterflies to my garden. Butterflies have symbiotic relationships with different flowering plants and there are seven varieties of butterflies that come to my garden every year. Read Full Article https://www.sdhortnews.org/post/garden-surroundings-butterflies-host-plants-in-the-garden

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Garden Surroundings, Tussie Mussies

September 2021 The first time I was taught how to make tussie-mussies, also spelled tussy mussy (among other variations), was by my friend Becky and a friend of her’s from the Del Mar Garden Club when they taught making tussie-mussies to the Olivenhain Garden Club, a club that Julie Anne Callis and I started in […]

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SOPHISTICATION (24x18 Acrylic on Canvas)

Garden Surroundings, Gardenias My First Love

August 2021 A strong memory from my childhood is of being beautifully dressed in a blue wool coat with a black velvet collar, black patent leather dress shoes with white bobby socks that all matched with my younger sister. We were in San Francisco with our beautifully dressed mother, Pat Welsh, in a turban hat […]

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ECSTASY (Acrylic on Canvas)

Garden Surroundings, Mom and Apple Pie

  July 2021 When we think of the Fourth of July we think of watermelon, barbecued hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs and “Mom’s” Apple Pie. Read Full Article https://www.sdhortnews.org/post/garden-surroundings-mom-and-apple-pie

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Enjoy Beauty, Inspiration, Knowledge, Love and Pure Joy

June 2021 We, who love gardening and gardens never cease to appreciate and enjoy the beauty inspiration, knowledge, love and pure joy that our gardens or a friend’s garden or a public garden, such as the San Diego Botanic Garden, gives back to us.

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GARDEN SURROUNDINGS: April Showers bring may Flowers

May 2021 In the time of climate change, at present, we are back in a drought and having a La Niña year. The last couple of days have brought a smattering of rain to San Diego North County. Read Full Article https://www.sdhortnews.org/post/garden-surroundings-april-showers-bring-may-flowers

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GARDEN SURROUNDINGS: Wisteria In All My Gardens

April 2021 All my life I have had a “love affair” with wisteria, passed down from Mum, Pat Welsh, who has written numerous books and articles and also given hundreds of talks and presented dozens of TV shows relaying the tales; known by many, as the “Wisteria Stories”. Read Full Article https://www.sdhortnews.org/post/garden-surroundings-wisteria-in-all-my-gardens

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March 2021 We are having a La Nina this year according  To the weather bureau.La Nina’s usually mean less rain in southern CA.But we have had some years with large storms that did a lot of damage. As I was sitting outside having my breakfast in the garden I was thinking how fortunate we all […]

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GARDEN SURROUNDINGS: In The Garden When I first moved to this property five plus years ago, I knew I wanted to make large changes in the garden. I started right away building a pergola to extend out the front walk and I bought Cooke’s Chinese Wisteria, Wisteria sinensis ‘Cooke’s Purple’, to climb up and cover […]

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